Accomplishments I haven’t

I haven’t felt much need lately to write.

Oh, I still feel that the world is a huge circus, and somehow the clown car has taken center ring.  But writing about the foolishness and the hypocritical posing of the 1% who rule us has lost its appeal for right now.

The world is forever in the process of becoming.  The worldviews that we cling to are transient, even within your own lifetime.  So why sit down in the morning and scream and gnash your teeth about some perceived injustice when other such injustices that happened in the past have turned out to be nothing but minor historical footnotes?

The Archdruid seems to make the most sense.  He talks about the need to decouple our lives from the circus and start down the path to a deindustrial future.  All well and good.  But making that kind of stuff happen in you life in hard to do in a society which hasn’t come to grips with the necessity.

Parting shot (Thank you Mr. Michaelson for the idea) :

The youngest took this picture while we were out on a walk


My muse is out

Been a couple of weeks since I had anything that I wanted to write about,  Went through a paranoid phase where I freaked out because my electronic life was so open to monitoring.  But then I had an epiphany.

“Who the fuck cares?”

Then I went over to Dmitry Orlov’s place and read this little nugget.  It convinced me that maybe I was obsessing over nada.  As usual, Dmitry seems to have the attitude that I would love to have.

So, I rebuilt my shiny new laptop with linux so that I am back at my comfort level and got everything together to get back in the fray of writing.  But then a funny thing happened.  I can’t think of a damn thing to write about.  Nothing.

It seems like everybody and everything is holding it’s breath right now.  I liken the state of the nation and the world as equivalent to the period of time after you have repaired something and you want to see if the fix actually worked.  So you let things run and watch it, hoping that the fix that you put in actually worked.