Desgringueler’s Nature

This is the place to find the gloomy maunderings of an aging boomer.  I am fairly certain that we are going to get through the mess that we have created for ourselves, but it isn’t going to be easy or fun.

I am currently a low-level government bureaucrat.  This is where I landed after about twenty-five years of Biotech and Medical research.  Going from the lofty heights of NASDAQ-level Chief Science Officer to GS-6 clerk has done wonders for my humility.  But I am reasonably content and plan on squeezing the current gig for quite a bit yet.

I used to write over at Blogger under the sobriquet of “degringolade“.  I left the blog up and running should any of you get the desire to read what I have written in the past.

I am not going to attempt the everyday posting that I did over at the old place.  Nope.  Once a week on Monday morning is going to be it for this little project.

I mostly talk about food prep in limited situations, how we got too big for our britches, and political economy with a somewhat Marxist bent.

I am not a full-bore survivalist.  I find this idea somewhat creepy.

If you don’t like what I say, please feel free to correct me, but also feel free to go elsewhere.  This is first and foremost a small arrogance of mine, whether or not you agree with it, or are correct in your disagreement, is something that I take according to my mood of the moment.

I hope that you who find this will join in the fray.  I do appreciate the fact that you have stopped by to visit and I would love to here your thoughts on the screed that I place here.

All the best.





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