Trying to find my way home

I am trying to get a grip on the huge mass of data that constitutes my world view.

Current working model doesn’t look that good.

We are heading into a rough bit coming up.  I am impressed beyond all measure that they have managed to hold the thing together for this long.

I was depressed that, for a while, the Laird of CKM3, came to his senses and ended his string of fruitful leads.  But wives and boredom are mighty foes, and he retreated from his well deserved rest.

You are probably wondering about this digression from my original thought, but in a sense him leaving made me thing about my decision to “blow it off” a couple years ago.   I can understand the Laird’s desire, but then I started to think about it harder.

As the Laird knows, we have moved well past the point where we can retrace easily.  I am hoping that the break point comes after the completion of the Boyo’s getting their feet under them.  But the truth of the matter is, there is a reasonable chance that might happen in spite of my possibly misplaced hope.

If we are going to navigate the next five-ten years, I really can’t think that hard about retirement.  Like it or not, if this is to work, I get to keep my nose to the grindstone for a bit.  Oh yes, I could blow it off, but that would start becoming a cost that may tip the balances the wrong way.

There might damn well be a whole bunch of pain coming soon.  Might as well keep things as stable as I possibly can for the time being.  Might be the only way that the lot of us get through this.

For you listening pleasure.



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