No Real Problems

So, Judge Roberts just had his Earl Warren moment.  When he gave the finger to the far right and did something that wasn’t conservative dogma.  It both surprised and pleased me to no end.

So, the Affordable Health Care Act is still standing.  I have no particular love for this duct tape and bailing wire contraption, but it is least an attempt to deal with the lack of health care for a major portion of the populace.  Mostly I just loved seeing the right wing wackos go into gibbering fits at the “socialized medicine” aspects of the plan.  I would have paid huge money to watch some of their faces when Roberts himself voted to retain the ramshackle affair.

So, maybe now we can move on and begin improving the system.  A couple of additional tweaks and changes and improvements and it might start looking like a good program. 

What I do hope is that the Obama campaign will take the time and effort to make sure and personally  compliment Mitt Romney profusely and publicly for all the hard work and inspiration that Governor gave to the program.  After all, the plan was modeled from the  Massachusetts plan that Mr. Romney gave as a present to Boston.

This will serve two purposes.  Show a mature appreciation for a job well done, and send the earlier mentioned right wing wackos into a fresh set of gibbering fits when they realize that they poster boy is a commie too.  That vision itself may well be worth the price of admission.  Might even piss off the foaming rabid right into kicking off a third party in order to bleed votes from the mittster.


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