Accomplishments I haven’t

I haven’t felt much need lately to write.

Oh, I still feel that the world is a huge circus, and somehow the clown car has taken center ring.  But writing about the foolishness and the hypocritical posing of the 1% who rule us has lost its appeal for right now.

The world is forever in the process of becoming.  The worldviews that we cling to are transient, even within your own lifetime.  So why sit down in the morning and scream and gnash your teeth about some perceived injustice when other such injustices that happened in the past have turned out to be nothing but minor historical footnotes?

The Archdruid seems to make the most sense.  He talks about the need to decouple our lives from the circus and start down the path to a deindustrial future.  All well and good.  But making that kind of stuff happen in you life in hard to do in a society which hasn’t come to grips with the necessity.

Parting shot (Thank you Mr. Michaelson for the idea) :

The youngest took this picture while we were out on a walk


One thought on “Accomplishments I haven’t

  1. Big fan of Greer’s Archdruid report. =^)

    I’m about 5 years into a very slow decoupling process. My husband and I paid off all debts, found a small apartment to rent not too far from town (bicycle distance if needed) on land that we garden on. We’re just finishing up our 2nd year gardening and have been learning to can and otherwise preserve and store foods without refrigeration. We now live on less than half rent because we’ve become managers. We befriended our rural neighbors and trade food with them and have turned our small 5-plex apartment into a community. Not bad for 5 years! My husband still works “out in the world”, but I mainly garden and take care of the property– if he gets laid off, I can join him in a part-time crap job and we could still survive comfortably here on very little. Every year, we add to our “re-skilling” knowledge and meet a few more people. Next year, we’re adding chickens to our projects– they can pretty much feed themselves on 2 acres of land 9 months of the year. After that– pygmy milking goats! The owners love what we’re doing because this USED to be a ramshackle place where addicts flopped. Now we have productive and engaged tenants who pay their rent and don’t damage the building.

    Just start with small steps and keep at it. A few years from now and your life will be transformed. You have to be stubborn.

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